Blows to the Body and Soul of Our Country

A Table of Republicans

I am in Western Kansas having dinner with Republican friends roughly my age (old).   They were (and still are) Republicans before that meant The Southern Strategy, State’s Rights, Voter ID laws, and gerrymandering that discriminate against African Americans. These men were  (and still are) what my father called “Prudent and Pragmatic Republicans.”  

I propose that after dinner we clear the table of dishes and re-set it with all that has been said about Hillary Clinton in recent years (and even in recent days) by those who rant and rave, to wit: “Lock her up, ” “Shoot her for treason,” “Life’s a bitch, so why elect one?” “She can’t take care of Bill, what makes you think she can take care of the country?” And then there is the dog whistle to the NRA : “Will someone rid us of this crooked bitch?”  It is with these folk in mind that we precede.

Our table would be filled with such items as Hillary the lesbian (or a “Trans-Gender Lesbo” as is her moniker in the deep red states of Kansas and those around it); her affair with Vince Foster; her being a party to the murder of Vince Foster when she found out she was pregnant; the Whitewater scandal; Standing by my man when all along she knew what “her man” had been doing because she had been encouraging it as she herself was a…; Monica Lewinsky and all that it meant because Hillary herself was a….  And, to be up to date, include her secret dire illness that can only be cured by propping her up with pillows. Well, you get the idea.  Add more if you like.  Fill the table.

           Then I say:  how about we agree that everything on the table about Hillary is true? All of it:  True.  We are all silent for a moment.  Then I ask:  Who would you rather have for President of the United States of America:  Trump or Hillary?


Long Division

I am thinking about the serious mistakes Hillary Clinton has made over her many years of public service to our country.  Some of them close calls, to be sure; some because she probably did not know what she was talking about; some just blunders, but none done to profit herself nor out of vindictiveness to others—however still serious mistakes.

There was her handling of President Clinton’s health care program with all her secrecy about the details.  The vote for the Iraq war comes to mind.  Then how about we give her two for one, re: the E-mails:  Her decision to use a private server and another one for the way she has handled it.  We are at four.  Add to that her role in Libya and we have five.

           Now let’s do a bit of math.  She has been in the public eye for about forty-five years doing what she could to be of service to our country.  So take five into forty-five and you get nine. That is she has made a serious public service mistake at the rate of one in nine years.  Not all that bad it seems to me.


Blows to the Body and Soul of our Country

I am a man of a certain age and as such I can make a list of our country’s great traumas from just after the Korean War to the present day.  They include the Vietnam War; the assassinations of John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, and Martin Luther King; Watergate; the 9/11 attacks in New York and Washington; and the Iraq war.

           In asking my friends (including those at the Republican dinner table in Western Kansas) about my list all think (as I do) that the election of Donald Trump as President would be a greater trauma to the body and soul of our country than any other in recent memory.


Robert Day

Robert Day is the author of  twelve books, including Robert Day for President, an Embellished Campaign Autobiography.  Forthcoming in October will be The ABCs of Enlightenment:  A Memoir of Learning and Teaching.


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