The Big Gun Buy Back Program: Go Long

Tom Brokaw of NBC News said that in today’s American culture: “If you have a problem, get a gun.”  He might as well have continued: “If you have a big problem (with Gays, Blacks, Muslims, Syrians, Obama Care, your own dark madness), then get a big gun.” 

I am one of those fringe folk running for President (see note below), and as such I propose the Gun Buy Back Program.  It goes like this:

First, re-instate the Assault Weapons Ban (they are called Assault Weapons for good reason). Second, establish the Gun Buy Back Center composed of private funds and government offices that offer to buy back all Assault Weapons in the following manner:  200% percent of the documented purchase price for 2017; 150% of documented purchase price for 2018; 100% of documented purchase price 2019.  In 2020 the possession of an Assault Weapon becomes a felony.  No, the devil is not in the details (they can be worked out), it is in the guns.

Yes, yes:  But what about the Congress?  I have a friend who proposes that all those who want everyone, everywhere to carry guns: into schools, churches, on play grounds, at football and baseball games, at funerals for those who have been shot—that they all move to Texas along with those who oppose a woman's right to choose, favor the death penalty, and want to deport anyone not white.  Texas could then secede from the United States (the Tex-ext) and build itself a wall.  Happy trails.

Well! as Jack Benny used to say (thus dating myself).  Well, indeed.

Of course my proposal has no chance these days to pass the high dollar bar set by the NRA.  But times change, our culture changes and it might change more quickly for my efforts. Go Long.  Remember when it was thought manly to not wear seat belts:  My paraplegic body is nobody business but mine.  Or that it was Marlboro Man toughness to smoke:  Anybody can face a heart attack, but it takes a real man to face cancer.

In fact the country is sick to death of all the death from guns.  The culture has changed.  The politics have not.  But times, they are a changing.  Thus up-dating myself.


Robert Day is the author of ten books, the most recent beingRobert Day for President: An Embellished Campaign Auto-biography


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Photo credit: Emiliano Libman